Legend Solution Group

Legend Solution Group was founded in 2008. During few years of research and development, LSG becomes a multi-national company and works with partners all over the World.

Our products include ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), POS (Point of Sales) and HRM (Human Resources Management) Systems. our products were designed and developed to best fit client’s practical workflow. The ultimate goal is to provide our clients with one-stop information system solution to allow clients to improve their productivity and efficiency.

We provides with our cooperate client with computerized solution in order to enhance their efficiency with their business. Our clients are from different sectors such as Retail, Trading, Food Catering, Restaurants, etc. We recommend economical proposal to meet our clients needs and provide tailor-made software to match clients requests.

Legend Solution Group Ltd. (LSG) company motto: “from legend to reality” means providing solution from legend to reality, and help our clients to achieve their successful stories.